5 Minutes Guide to Search for High Quality Backlinks

What I mean as a high-quality backlinks here is an inner-page that has a high PageRank and dofollow. And the easiest way to add a backlink to our site is definitely blog commenting.
First of all, what we need is Mozilla Firefox add-on called SEO Quake. SEO Quake will automatically tell us the PageRank of all pages that appear in search results, and it also can sort the search results base on their PageRank.
So basically, this is what we do:
# 1. Install SEO Quake add on to your Mozilla Firefox browser.
# 2. Go to Google Advance Search setting, and set the Results per page in to 100.
# 3. Do a search using our targeted keyword + special commands.
# 4. Use SEO Quake to find the PageRank of each page on the results, and sort them base on their PageRank in descending order.
In the third step, use these following commands to filter the search results:
Find EDU domains only:
"Keyword" inurl:.edu
Find all sites in our topic:
Find all inner pages of a specific site, for example digg.com:
"Keyword" site:digg.com
Find only BlogEngine blog:
"Keyword" "Notify me when new comments are added" + "Powered by BlogEngine.NET"
Find only Movable Type blog:
"Keyword" "comment anonymously" + "Email Address" + "Powered by Movable Type"-movabletype.org
Find only WordPress blog:
"Keyword" "name" + "email" + "powered by wordpress"
Find only Blog2evolution blog:
"Keyword" "Your email address will not be Revealed on this site." + "Your URL Will not be displayed."
Find only ExpressionEngine blog:
"Keyword" "comment" "Powered By ExpressionEngine"-forum
Find only Drupal blog:
"Keyword" "Your name" "Subject" "Comment" inurl: comment/reply/1
You can see here, the secret key is in the search command that we use. Using the command above, we'll be able to get hundreds to thousands of high PageRank inner pages where we can leave our backlinks in it.
Yes, because it is a blog comment, some time we need to wait for the moderation, and we also don't have control on how many comments/outbound link will be in there. 
If you are not satisfied with the above list, this WSO contain a secret search commands to get hundreds of backlinks from high PageRank inner pages, auto approved,  from different IP's, with outbound links will never be more than 100.



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