Three Methods to Get Instant Traffic Without SEO

We always talk about SEO, so today let's talk about how to bring visitors to our website without SEO. For a new website, if we only rely on SEO efforts, visitors will come slowly and took some time.

With any of the methods below, we can drive instant traffic while we waited for our SEO results.

# 1. Social network

Publish our new site on Stumbleupon, Facebook, and Twitter to get instant traffic. Unfortunately, visitors who come are not so targeted. This method is most suitable for personal blogs or news sites, and not very suitable for business-oriented sites, such as online stores, affiliate/review websites, or AdSense sites.
From my experience, it is easier to get instant traffic from Stumbleupon compared to Digg or other bookmarking sites. Especially for how to/tip and trick articles, and funny pictures/videos. 

If you do not have much time, you can find someone in to provide you with Stumbles, Likes, or Re-tweets for $5.

# 2. Blog commenting with a little twist

Unlike the blog commenting to get backlinks, where we find high PageRank pages; to get an instant traffic, we try to be the first to comment on a newly published blog post.

It's easy actually. We just need to create a Google Alert for the keywords that are commonly used in our target niche. This way, every time a new blog post about the niche was published, we will be notified immediately.

Make sure your comment is interesting, related to the post content, and provide more value to the readers. Do not leave a spam comment, most likely will be deleted by the admin, and the reader will not want to visit our site.

This type of instant traffic is very targeted, and is suitable for all types of sites, both personal and business-oriented sites.

# 3. Traffic Dundee, a viral, free, and pre-sold traffic

Traffic Dundee is the most genius among the three methods.  A simple free method, yet very powerful to drive large numbers of buyers' traffic to our website, in all types of niche.

The traffic is most suitable for business-oriented sites, whether to offer products directly or to gather e-mail list.

To find out more about Traffic Dundee, you can read about it on the following forum thread.
Hopefully, the three methods about instant traffic above would be useful for you


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