Roku 2450D LT Streaming Player - Purple Color

Roku 2450D LT is a high definition streaming player for your TV. By using this streaming player you will get up to 500 movies channels, sports channels, live TV shows, and much more.
Roku 2450D LT Streaming Player (Purple)
How to assemble this streaming device? it's very easy. First, connects Your live streaming player to the electricity source and than connect to a TV. Then connect with super fast internet service with a minimum speed of 1.2 Mbps. And The Last step, enjoy your Hulu plus, netflix, Amazon video, instant Cracle, pandora, and much more.

What's included in the box of this product if you buy it at next time?. You will most likely find a remote control, two AAA batteries, HDMI video output, wireless, A/V cable, power adapter, and started guide.

The Advantages of Roku 2450D LT is small measuring and more efficient in energy use if it compared to other streaming device. With the level of definition streaming more than 720 p HD, giving good quality for HD video


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