How To Know a cheating boyfriend

This technique is to find the words False to only ask one question only. If we see someone posted the lie detection tools can of course mean the person is being tested the truth of his words. Without the use of lie detectors, we can determine a person lying or not. By using the technique conundrum that is by showing a proof, to prove your suspicions. The application of this method is to ask one question to the person who will be tested in any condition to determine a person's alibi.Example of a girl suspect whether her boyfriend is really not in the library with her friends as she would say, or out with other women to have happy place of entertainment. If the girl asked "whether you were at a restaurant?" This question will only produce the answer "Yes" or "No". The reason if he indeed is the library then the answer is yes, and if he was not in the library then it is likely he would fabricate a story and say Yes. and with the type of questions arise that the wife is unable to verify the truth of her husband's wordsWith technical conundrum the girl can make the show the fact that questions arisefabricated reef to prove his suspicions. Examples of the girl said "I heardtraffic jams because there is just a car crash in front of the library "after askingquestions arise such as this model we wait for a response from his boyfriend.If he was not in the library he would wonder how he should answer it then if the answer boyfriend hesitates to decide and also correlated with the actual conditions instreet in front of the library will be obtained concluded that his boyfriend lying. if the answer does not contain any doubts and answer in accordance with the conditions in front of the library so he does notlie