Folklore About of History Of The Bojonegoro Regency

The period of the life of the ancient history of Indonesia is characterized by the strong influence of Hindu culture that comes from India since the first century of life that distinguish the color of Madya era of Indonesian history and new era. Bojonegoro While still in the Majapahit empire, until the XVI century when the collapse of the Majapahit kingdom, the power moved to Demak, Central Java. Bojonegoro into the kingdom of Demak, so that the history of ancient Bojonegoro Hindu patterned with the fact that such findings are many historical relics from ancient times in Bojonegoro jurisdictions began to take shape. The slogan that is embedded in the traditions of society since the time of Majapahit "selfless, rame ing gawe" still owned until now.

Bojonegoro as the kingdom of Demak have high loyalty to the king and kingdom. Then in connection with the development of a new culture that is Islamic, Hindu cultural influence of urgency and there was a shift in values and social order of old values to new values of Islam Hinduism without turmoil. Raden Patah, Senopati Jumbun, Duke Bintoro, was inaugurated as the first king of the early sixteenth century and has since become the territory's sovereignty Bojonegoro Demak. In the transition of power that accompanied Bojonegoro upheaval brought into the territory of the kingdom with the king Raden Jaka Pajang Tinggkir Pajang Duke in 1568. Benawa prince, son of Sultan Pajang, Adiwijaya feel unable to resist Senopati who have seized power Pajang 1587. So bring all heirloom Senopati Pajang to Mataram kingdom, so Bojonegoro again shifted into the kingdom of Mataram. Mataram area that has been given to Sunan Amangkurat VOC based on the agreement, the north coast of Java island, to the detriment of Mataram. Agreement in 1677 is hard for political defeat against the VOC of Mataram. Therefore, the status of the Duchy was changed to the district with Regent Worldwide Wedana Wetan, Mas Toemapel which also doubles as the District I, which is located in Jipang on October 20, 1677. So the date, month and year is designated as day to be district Bojonegoro. In the year 1725 Susuhunan Pakubuwono II ascended the throne. That year also ordered that Raden Tumenggung Susuhunan Haria Mentahun I move the district administrative center to the Village Jipang from Padangan Rajekwesi. Location Rajekwesi ± 10 km in the southern town of Bojonegoro. As memories of the success of the ancestor who left a name for Bojonegoro fragrant, not surprising that the names remain Rajekwesi remembered in the hearts of the people Bojonegoro until now.