Folklore About History of the Lamongan Regency

Lamongan first is the Gate to the Kingdom Kahuripan, Panjalu Kingdom, the Kingdom Jenggala, Kingdom Singosari or Mojopahit Kingdom, located in Ujung Galuh, Canggu and floating White (Tuban). After that grow port Sedayu Lawas and Gujaratan (Gresik), is a very crowded area, as a connective relationship with the Kingdom outside of Java and even outside the State.

Age of Empire Medang Kamulan in East Java, a small kingdom developed in Lamongan Malawapati (now the village village Against Kedung Sambeng Wangi district) led by the King of Great Angling Dharma Sakti assisted Patih Batik Maadrim including ancient Bojonegoro area. Currently stored properly, and dress Anglingdarma Sumping didusun it. To the west stood the Kingdom Rajekwesi near the town of Bojonegoro now.

At the time of the Majapahit Kingdom was led King Hayam Wuruk (1350 -1389) left-right region to region Pardikan Solo. Is a buffer zone Mojopahit economy and the road to the White Kambang port. This region is called the Autonomous Region under the control Bhre Pamotan Pamotan or Sri Baduga Bhrameswara uncle of King Hayam Wuruk (Petilasan village district Pamotan Sambeng), previously. Under the control Bhre Wengker (Roxburgh). Pamotan autonomous region covering 3 areas akuwu government, including Regional Biluluk (Bluluk) Tenggulunan Region (Tenggulun Solokuro), and the area Pepadhangan (Padangan Bojonegoro).

According to the book has stood Kertagama State cadre of the pupil center of the mole in Wonosrama Shiva Buddha housed in Balwa (Karangbinangun Blawi village), in Pacira (Spring Duwur Paciran), in Klupang (Lopang Kembangbahu) and in Luwansa (village buffoonery Ngimbang). Tripe Tripe Village district ditengarahi Bubat war, because at that time one of tripe delivered 42 temapt crossings along the Solo river flow.
This information is contained in the inscription Biluluk stored in the Elephant Museum of Jakarta, a piece of copper and 39 gurit in Lamongan scattered in the mountains of eastern Kendeng and several other place.

By the fall of the year Mojopahit 1478M, Lamongan that time was under powers Keerajaan Sengguruh (Singosari) alternately with the Kingdom Kertosono (Nganjuk) known as the Mountain region was ruled by demung Kendeng Wetan, located near Buddhist Temple in Mantup Shiva. After that ruled till Rakrian Rangga 1542M (petilasan in mushalla KH.M.Mastoer Asnawi Kranggan Lamongan town). Mojopahit power under the control of Ario Jimbun (Ariajaya) son King UB V in Galgahwangi who changed the title of Sultan of Demak Bintoro Alam Akbar Al Fatah (Raden Patah) from 1500 to 1518, then replaced his son, Duke Unus 1518 -1521 AD, Sultan Trenggono 1521 to 1546

In developing its ambitions, the sultan sent Sunan Gunung Jati Trenggono (Fatahilah) to the west to conquer Banten, White Rose, danCirebon. Go directly east dpimpin Emperor himself invaded Lasem, Tuban and Surabaya before attacking the Kingdom Blambangan (Panarukan). At conquer Surabaya and its surrounding area, government Rakryan Rangga Segunting Kali (Lamong), conquered by the Sultan Trenggono 1541. But the year 1542 a great battle between the forces aided Rakkryan Segunting Kali Kingdom sengguruh (Singosari) and under the leadership of the Kingdom Kertosono Nganjuk Goose and Ki Ki Ageng Ageng Panuluh, can be conquered of Demak Sultanate armies led by Raden Abu Amin, Panji Laras, Panji lyrical. Fierce fighting occurred in the area of Bandung, Kalibumbung, Tambakboyo and surrounding areas.

1543M years, began the government-sanctioned Islam Sunan Giri III, by Sultan Abu Amin R. Trenggono instituted to lead Karanggan Segunting Kali, whose territory once flanked times Lamong and Solo. Solo time be northern region of Tuban, fief Drajat, Sidayu, while the southern region is still a region once Lamong Japanan and Jombang. 1556 M R. Abu Amin's death was replaced by R. Hadi who was an uncle of Sunan Giri III as Rangga Hadi 1556-1569M Exactly Thursday 10 Dhu al-Hijjah Pahing 976H or coincide 1569M May 26, Rangga Hadi inaugurated as Tumenggung Lamong title Tumenggung Surajaya (Soerodjojo) until in 1607 and was buried in the village Tumenggungan Lamongan district known as the Graveyard Mbah Lamong. This date was used as a Day So Lamongan.

After Indonesia Merdeka August 17, 1945, a local Lamongan frontline troops against the Dutch occupation, planning attacks November 10, Bung Tomo in Surabaya also carried out first by visiting the Kyai Lamongan with typical incendiary spirit cries Allahu Akbar. Lamongan formerly poor areas and flood subscription, gradually rose into the area prospered and became a reference elsewhere in the alleviation of flooding. There used slogan "Wong Lamongan not iso ndodok Rendeng Grandma, Grandma ketigo not iso cewok" but is now overcome by the motto of the Sunan Drajat, Derajate the Sunan and Kyai "Memayu Raharjaning Praja" which is completely done with fundamental changes in the prosperity of the people still holding the culture together to help each other in accordance Kanjeng message Sunan Drajat "Menehono mangan wong kangluwe Marang, Marang paying menehono kudanan wong kang, menehono sketch wong kang wutho Marang, Marang busaono menehono wong kang wudho"