folklore about history of kediri

Name Kediri there is an opinion derived from the word "Kedi" which means "barren" or "Women who do not berdatang months". According to the dictionary of ancient Javanese Wasito Wojo, 'Kedi' means gelding Midwife or Shaman. In the play Puppet, The Arjuno ever Dance Teacher posing in the State Virata, named "Kedi WRAKANTOLO". If we associate with the name of Goddess figures Kilisuci who meditated in caves Selomangleng, "Kedi" means Holy or Wadad. Besides, the word Kediri come from the word "SELF" which means Adeg, Angdhiri , to attend or to be King (Jumenengan Java language). For that we can read the inscription "Wanua" saka 830 years, which of them reads: "Ing Saka cetra nasa danami a scale of 706 ka pa sa wara, angdhiri rake panaraban", meaning: in saka year 706 or 734 AD, the reign of King Pake

Panaraban, Kediri many names found in ancient literature the ancient Javanese language such as: Book Samaradana, Pararaton, Candidate Countries and the Book Kertagama Charcoal. Similarly, in some inscriptions that mention the name of Kediri like: Inscription Ceber, framed in 1109 saka Ceker located in the village, now the Village District Sukoanyar Mojo.Dalam this inscription says, because people Ceker credited to the King, then they get gifts, "fief ". In the inscription were the words "Sri Maharaja Go Ri Siminaninaring Bhuwi Kadiri" means the king has returned kesimanya, or hopes in the Bhumi Kadiri. Inscription Kamulan Kamulan Village Trenggalek who departed in 1116 saka, exactly according to Damais dated August 31, 1194.
In the inscription also mentions the name, Kediri, which was attacked by the king of the kingdom to the east. "Aka ni kala satru wadwa sangke purnowo", so that the king left the palace in Katangkatang ("when nin talents sangke kadetwan katang ring-Denis katang nkir malr yatik kaprabon sri maharaja siniwi Bhumi kadiri ring "). According to the father of MM.
Sukarto Kartoatmojo mentions that "the day so Kediri" appears the first time comes from three inscriptions Harinjing ABC, but his opinion, the most appropriate name dimuculkan Kadiri on all three inscriptions. The reason Prasti Harinjing A March 25 804 BC, considered older than the inscriptions on both B and C, which is dated September 19, 921 and dated June 7, 1015 AD. Viewed from the third date specified name Kediri March 25, 804 M. When Bagawantabhari awarded fief from King Rake Layang Dyah Tulodong third inscription written on Harinjing. Name Kediri small initially and then evolved into the name of the Kingdom of Panjalu a large and historically well-known until now. Subsequently Regent Decree To derah Level II FC dated January 22, 1985 number 82 of 1985 on the anniversary of Kediri, which Article 1 reads "25 March 804 AD established a Day Kediri.
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